4 Steps to Create a Website (It’s Easier and Cheaper Than You Think)

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Why get a website? Well, the best reason to have your own website instead of just a myspace or a soundclick is it’s much, much more professional. Before people start sending you money and you turn your beat making hobby into a business, people are going to have to see you as somebody they should conduct business with.

Having your own website is one of the cheapest and effective ways to be taken seriously on the internet. Here I’m going to show you 4 quick steps to turn a boring afternoon into an affordable and profitable business venture.


First, get yourself a domain (.com). Hop on over to GoDaddy.com and pick up what ever you want .com. 10.69/yr. (Use Promo Code promo749 for $3/off)


You’ll need your domain to point to a website now. I personally use Host Gator
because it’s reliable and cheap, so hop on over and get yourself webhosting. You can also get your domain here instead if you want, it’s up to you. 4.95/mth (Use the code MUSICA to get your first month free)


Now that you have a domain and hosting you’ll need to have a website up with your contact information and the services you sell. You can either pay somebody to design a site for you, design your own, or use a content management system like Wordpress (which is what I always do). You can get it for free at Wordpress.com and while you’re there you can pickup free themes. It doesn’t take very long to have a website up, and you can edit and post content for free without using any html or programming anything. (Check out my post on How to Add Music to Wordpress to put song samples up.)


Start telling people about your website, print up some free business cards, do whatever you have to do to get the word out that you’re online. Put it in your signature in online forums, tell all your friends, etc etc. You can also do some Search Engine Optimization to have your website rank well in Google, but I’m not getting into that here.

See how easy it is to get a website up and running?

Total Cost – $5.85/month, not including the two coupons up there.

Already have a website? Leave the address in a comment and get some free advertising.

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Sep 10, 2009
1:40 pm
#1 D1 :

thnx 4 da info. im definitely gonna check it out.

May 27, 2010
3:01 pm

YEA!!! preciate tha free info, 1 step closa to do’n me THANX!!!

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