Why You Should Have a USB Pad Controller

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It surprises me how many people I talk to that make beats on a computer without using any external hardware at all, especially with how inexpensive it is. There’s not much reason to click in your drums when you can get a usb controller.

Here are some reasons why you should step your drum pad game up.

Pressure Sensitive

This is the number one reason to control your drums with pads. Give your drums some feeling. Clicked in drums sound like they’ve been clicked in, unless you’ve been intricately messing with the velocity on each drum you hit. Which brings me the second reason


No need to use your mouse to change the velocity on everything you want to trigger. Just hit it with the amount you want. With some practice you can record all your drums at once with the velocity you want them to have, and you can also control your samples.


Put some spice into your tracks by using the faders. Fade volume in and out and use effects. More places to add variation to the beats.

Live Playing

You don’t need to buy an MPC to play out your beats live, just a laptop and a controller. Makes for some better shows.

In conclusion, if you can’t afford real hardware controllers like an SP1200 or an MPC then get yourself a usb controller.

Do you have a controller?  Leave opinions in the comments.

Posted by admin   @   11 September 2009 3 comments


Sep 14, 2009
10:44 pm
#1 Jenius :

I have an M-Audio Oxygen keyboard, but I don’t use it much. Any recommendations for good usb pads?

Author Sep 15, 2009
12:39 am
#2 admin :

Do you not use the keyboard much because you don’t do much composition, or do you just not like the keyboard? I’ve never been a fan of controllers like the Oxygen without at least semi-weighted keys. For pads, I’ve always used an M-Audio Trigger Finger which I’ve never had any problem with, although the setup was odd, and it doesn’t have a great user base if that’s important to you. Another option would be
the MPD

by Akai, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about and am super interested in checking out. I mean, the makers of the MPC have practice in pads haha.

Dec 15, 2009
5:32 pm
#3 Gnar_Kills :

I have m audio usb oxygen 49 for the keyss, but my pad controller is the korg nanopad pretty cool toy here and very inexpensive

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